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Live Tweets from Leadership

Newest blog series: Live Tweets from Leadership - real time leadership and management advice from my MBA class "Leadership and Management Essentials." Every Monday and Wednesday for the next 6 weeks, I will be live tweeting my class sessions on leadership... Continue Reading →


5 things I’m excited for at #SHRM17

Many folks are already at #SHRM17. I’m on my way and can’t be more excited. Wondering what I’m looking forward to the most? Read below: 1. Seeing my #HR friends. Virtual employment has many perks like no commute, spending time... Continue Reading →

Just another Performance Management blog post…

Working from home, my “cube”-mate is my next-door neighbor. Every morning, I sit at my desk – a three-monitor setup with a Logitech keyboard and mouse set to contrast my MacBook – and begin to work at 8am. All is well. Around 10am, that’s when it starts. The music. The loud music. The loud EDM music. What is going on right now? By 10:05am, my apartment becomes an Earthquake. I’m ready to kill my next-door neighbor.

Here’s how to put policy back in politics.

Here's a half-baked idea on how to put policy, not politics in elections.

Things I’m grateful for – Day 12

Okay, so I took the longest break from this 21 day kick ever. But, now that I have a hot sec to catch my breath, here are 3 things I'm grateful for today. I'm grateful for some downtime. I'm grateful... Continue Reading →

Nature Valley “You Can Do This” – Favorite Commercial

See one of my favorite commercials this week: Nature Valley - "You Can Do This."

Bud Light Equal Pay – This Week’s Favorite Commercial

See what my favorite commercial is this week. What's yours?

Social Media

Hello - For readers who don't know, I am a Social Media Specialist. As a social media and HR influencer, I want to help people improve their social media presence as well as help millennials and HR professionals improve in their careers.... Continue Reading →

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