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#FF #BlackBlogsMatter

It's Black History Month and I'm thrilled to share some awesome black HR bloggers. I hope on #FollowFriday, you'll follow these amazing ladies and read their posts. They are all experts in Human Resources and awesome peeps. So here's the... Continue Reading →


Thoughts on MLK Day

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything or shared anything on the blog. As I watched all the MLK posts come in and all my friends of color want to hear more (shout-out to Chris Fields). I... Continue Reading →

Live Tweets from Leadership

Newest blog series: Live Tweets from Leadership - real time leadership and management advice from my MBA class "Leadership and Management Essentials." Every Monday and Wednesday for the next 6 weeks, I will be live tweeting my class sessions on leadership... Continue Reading →

5 things I’m excited for at #SHRM17

Many folks are already at #SHRM17. I’m on my way and can’t be more excited. Wondering what I’m looking forward to the most? Read below: 1. Seeing my #HR friends. Virtual employment has many perks like no commute, spending time... Continue Reading →

Why I won’t strike for International Women’s Day

Though I planned for my "next" blog post to be on Black History Month, I honestly did not feel like I could do it justice. I spent all of February thinking about what to say. I am not black and... Continue Reading →

How to turn intelligent, hardworking individuals into disloyal employees: The day I lost all respect for a former employer

My boss waited patiently for me to finish my thought. I could tell she cared about my feedback,and I, even still respect her as a manager. But, I soon realized my help and insights would never be utilized or appreciated by the people who mattered. Senior Management was not interested in making changes. They weren't listening.

Just another Performance Management blog post…

Working from home, my “cube”-mate is my next-door neighbor. Every morning, I sit at my desk – a three-monitor setup with a Logitech keyboard and mouse set to contrast my MacBook – and begin to work at 8am. All is well. Around 10am, that’s when it starts. The music. The loud music. The loud EDM music. What is going on right now? By 10:05am, my apartment becomes an Earthquake. I’m ready to kill my next-door neighbor.

Things I’m grateful for – Day 11

Good morning everyone! Within the past 24 hours, I'm grateful for: My amazing boyfriend who did all the laundry, cleaned the house, and who woke up to cook breakfast and eat with me. (Breakfast is my favorite meal of the... Continue Reading →

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