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Live Tweets from Leadership

Newest blog series: Live Tweets from Leadership - real time leadership and management advice from my MBA class "Leadership and Management Essentials." Every Monday and Wednesday for the next 6 weeks, I will be live tweeting my class sessions on leadership... Continue Reading →


5 things I’m excited for at #SHRM17

Many folks are already at #SHRM17. I’m on my way and can’t be more excited. Wondering what I’m looking forward to the most? Read below: 1. Seeing my #HR friends. Virtual employment has many perks like no commute, spending time... Continue Reading →

Things I’m grateful for – Day 11

Good morning everyone! Within the past 24 hours, I'm grateful for: My amazing boyfriend who did all the laundry, cleaned the house, and who woke up to cook breakfast and eat with me. (Breakfast is my favorite meal of the... Continue Reading →

Things I’m grateful for – Day 10

Within the past 24 hours, I'm grateful for: The awesome beef brisket dinner my boyfriend made. 16 hours in the Crock  Pot. Yum. To have seen my friends again at school - it had been a couple weeks. For my... Continue Reading →

Things I’m grateful for – Day 9

Within the past 24 hours - I'm grateful to: Have such awesome Industry mentors in my life. Recently, I'm working on some big things with tight deadlines at work. Not going to lie - I'm stressed (but, what's new, right?)... Continue Reading →

Things I’m grateful for – Day 7

I'm grateful for, in the past 24 hours: Arriving home safe from FL. (thanks Delta!) Seeing my boo bear (My guinea pig, Marshall. He's the cutest!) Finally getting to sleep in my own bed.

Things I’m grateful for – day 6

Today, I'm grateful for: My conversation with Steve Browne. Steve is an AWESOME HR expert and influencer and friend. He's on the SHRM Board of Directors, and provides valuable HR encouragements via his blog Everyday People. His wise words to... Continue Reading →

Things I’m grateful for – day 5

In case you're a new reader, here's the scoop. I started a positivity kick - 21 days of writing three things I'm grateful for that happened that day. I've taken a few days off. But, hey, everyone needs a vacation.... Continue Reading →

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