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NEW on YouTube! Liz is a Perfect Ten.

New on YouTube! Liz shares why she is a Perfect Ten. Please like, comment, and share her video. Submit your own videos at


Vivian Empowers Women with #ImATen

Vivian empowers women and fights for gender equality with her work in music and writing. See how now and join the conversation on social at #ImATen.

My New Year’s Resolution Live Stream! Check it out and Subscribe on YouTube!

See more on my New Year's Resolution's in my latest blog post! 

Happy New Year – Resolutions of the overworked feminist.

Happy New Year! See the #newyearsresolutions of an overworked #feminist. #ImATen #YesSheCan

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Janine is a Ten! #ImATen

Aishwarya is a Ten! #ImATen

Sara is a Ten! #ImATen

See why #Hutto is a Ten!

See why Hutto is a Ten:

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